Alexa Software

Returns, Exchange & Refund Policy


If, in the unlikely event you receive a product that does not work, simply write us about the product problem to our support team, we will contact you to guide the further process. In all cases, a product that does not work/allow you to activate your product key will be an error in transmission, for example, a spelling error in the key code. So please Write an email at, and we will double check the product key and resend it.


We do not hesitate to refund our buyer if our product is not working. Buyer should inform us about product defects or problems within 3 days of delivery. if we found that, there is a problem of our product, then we will give you two option- take a replacement or take Full refund to your original mode of payment & you can cheese any one of this. Also, if the product has not been delivered, the buyer can contact us, then we will check product delivery status & we will arrange the product for the buyer immediately or the buyer can take the refund. If buyer chose to get the refund, then within 4-7 working days buyer will receive full refund amount in the original mode of payment.

We offer the best customer friendly Returns, Exchange & Refund Policy to give the best productping experience for our customers. In a simple word- “If the product does not work, we will give you 100% money back.”


As long as the product has not been delivered, cancellation and refund is possible. Refunds will not be issued if your computer does not meet the minimum Product requirements. You need to make sure that your pc follows the system requirements for the product.

Contact Information: If You Still have a Question? send an Email to us at [] OR WhatsApp at +91-9776600060.